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A Cardstack project may choose from a variety of UI libraries that are popular within the broader JavaScript ecosystem. However, some design needs are so common that it makes sense to have a library especially for Cardstack projects. For example, almost any project will need form components.

Since Cardstack can be used in many different industries and products, the visual design of these components should be simple, so they do not detract from the branding, look, and feel of those contexts. They should be accessible, so that they work well for all users. Lastly, they need to handle dynamic, ever-changing data.

To see the components that are built especially for Cardstack, check out the @cardstack/ui-components library.

If you want to write your own components library, you can follow this tutorial and use the ui-components library as your starting point. It includes both the components and a "living styleguide" so that developers can easily find and use the components they need to complete an interface.